[BlueBream] BlueBream 1.0 released !

Christophe Combelles ccomb at free.fr
Tue Jan 18 17:43:27 EST 2011

BlueBream 1.0 is now available for download at:

Website: http://bluebream.zope.org/

The corresponding buildout version file is located at

What is BlueBream

BlueBream -- formerly known as Zope 3 -- is a WSGI-compatible web component 
framework and application server written in the Python programming language. 
BlueBream 1.0 basically corresponds to Zope 3.5, although this name will not be 
used in the future.

BlueBream is entirely based on the Zope Toolkit 1.0.1 and benefits from its 
testing and maintenance infrastructure and team. It is compatible with Python 
2.4, 2.5 and 2.6, on Linux, Windows and MacOSX, although the BlueBream template 
itself has been tested mainly on Linux. Any help will be appreciated if issues 
are discovered on other platforms.

BlueBream is free/open source software, owned by the Zope Foundation,
licensed under the Zope Public License (BSD like, GPL compatible

Changes from 1.0b4 to 1.0

A new design for the website ! http://bluebream.zope.org/

- Include `zope.location`, `zope.keyreference`, `zope.intid` and
   `zope.contentprovider`, `zope.i18n` from `site.zcml` file.
- Reorganized zcml files (for deploy, debug and testing)
- updated to ZTK 1.0.1

Migration from Zope 3.4 to BlueBream 1.0

There is a detailed document with details about migration:

Thanks to everybody who has contributed to this release, particularly to Baiju 
who initiated the renaming from Zope 3 to BlueBream and invested a lot of 
efforts into it.


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