[Checkins] SVN: van.pydeb/trunk/ * Add a scripts/generate script which generates a python package -> debian

Brian Sutherland jinty at web.de
Fri Jul 24 06:06:49 EDT 2009

Log message for revision 102225:
  * Add a scripts/generate script which generates a python package -> debian
    binary mapping suitable for adding to van/pydeb/py_to_bin.txt.
  * Append the output of the generate script to van/pydeb/py_to_bin.txt.
  * Expose _default functions for package conversions so that generate can check
    it's results and weed out extra packages that match the default conversions.

  U   van.pydeb/trunk/CHANGES.txt
  A   van.pydeb/trunk/scripts/
  A   van.pydeb/trunk/scripts/cache/
  A   van.pydeb/trunk/scripts/generate
  A   van.pydeb/trunk/scripts/sources.list
  U   van.pydeb/trunk/van/pydeb/__init__.py
  U   van.pydeb/trunk/van/pydeb/py_to_bin.txt

Modified: van.pydeb/trunk/CHANGES.txt
--- van.pydeb/trunk/CHANGES.txt	2009-07-24 09:53:45 UTC (rev 102224)
+++ van.pydeb/trunk/CHANGES.txt	2009-07-24 10:06:48 UTC (rev 102225)
@@ -1,10 +1,14 @@
-1.2.2 (unreleased)
+1.3.0 (unreleased)
-* None yet.
+* Add a scripts/generate script which generates a python package -> debian
+  binary mapping suitable for adding to van/pydeb/py_to_bin.txt.
+* Append the output of the generate script to van/pydeb/py_to_bin.txt.
+* Expose _default functions for package conversions so that generate can check
+  it's results and weed out extra packages that match the default conversions.
 1.2.1 (2009-06-15)

Added: van.pydeb/trunk/scripts/generate
--- van.pydeb/trunk/scripts/generate	                        (rev 0)
+++ van.pydeb/trunk/scripts/generate	2009-07-24 10:06:48 UTC (rev 102225)
@@ -0,0 +1,104 @@
+"""A pretty awful script to magically generate a python -> binary package mapping.
+The result of this script is added to van/pydeb/py_to_bin.txt periodically.
+import os
+import sys
+from pprint import pprint
+from subprocess import Popen, check_call, PIPE
+from van import pydeb
+#here = os.path.dirname(__file__)
+here = os.curdir
+cache_dir = os.path.join(here, 'cache')
+sources_list = os.path.join(here, 'sources.list')
+apt_file_opts = ['-s', sources_list, '-c', cache_dir]
+# setup apt-file locally
+if '--update-apt-file' in sys.argv:
+    args = ['apt-file'] + apt_file_opts + ['update']
+    check_call(args)
+# get list of packages to parse
+p = Popen(['apt-file'] + apt_file_opts + ['find', '.egg-info'], stdout=PIPE)
+packages, _ = p.communicate()
+assert p.returncode == 0
+def process_line(line):
+    # line contains things like: sixpack: /usr/share/pyshared/sixpack-0.64.egg-info
+    bin_package, egg_info_path = line.split(': ')
+    path_parts = egg_info_path.split('/')
+    quoted_egg_info = None
+    for p in path_parts:
+        if p.endswith('.egg-info'):
+            quoted_egg_info = p[:-9]
+    quoted_python_package = quoted_egg_info.split('-')[0]
+    # reverse of pkg_resources.to_filename, not quite...
+    python_package = quoted_python_package.replace('_', '-')
+    return bin_package, python_package
+packages = [process_line(l) for l in packages.splitlines()]
+start_count = len(packages)
+bin_packages = {}
+bin_packages_dups = set([])
+python_packages = {}
+python_packages_dups = set([])
+def find_dups(bin_package, python_package):
+    seen = False
+    if bin_package in bin_packages:
+        seen = True
+        prev_python_package = bin_packages[bin_package]
+        if prev_python_package != python_package:
+            bin_packages_dups.add(bin_package)
+    bin_packages[bin_package] = python_package
+    if python_package in python_packages:
+        seen = True
+        prev_bin_package = python_packages[python_package]
+        if prev_bin_package != bin_package:
+            python_packages_dups.add(python_package)
+    python_packages[python_package] = bin_package
+    if seen:
+        return None
+    return bin_package, python_package
+packages = [find_dups(*l) for l in packages]
+def filter_dups(bin_package, python_package):
+    if python_package in python_packages_dups or\
+            bin_package in bin_packages_dups:
+        return None
+    return bin_package, python_package
+packages = [filter_dups(*l) for l in packages if l is not None]
+packages = [l for l in packages if l is not None]
+dup_count = len(packages)
+print "Removed %s duplicates, left with %s" % ((start_count - dup_count), dup_count)
+# now we remove any that conform to the heuristic
+def check_matches_heuristic(bin_package, python_package):
+    if pydeb.py_to_bin_default(python_package) == bin_package and \
+            pydeb.bin_to_py_default(bin_package) == python_package:
+        return None
+    return bin_package, python_package
+packages = [check_matches_heuristic(*l) for l in packages]
+packages = [l for l in packages if l is not None]
+heuristic_match_count = len(packages)
+print "Removed %s packages that matched the default mapping" % (dup_count - heuristic_match_count)
+outfile = os.path.join(here, 'py_to_bin.txt')
+print "left with %s packages writing them out to %s" % (len(packages), outfile)
+f = open(outfile, 'w')
+for bin_package, python_package in packages:
+    line = python_package + ' ' * 40
+    line = line[:39] + ' ' + bin_package + '\n'
+    f.write(line)

Property changes on: van.pydeb/trunk/scripts/generate
Added: svn:executable
   + *

Added: van.pydeb/trunk/scripts/sources.list
--- van.pydeb/trunk/scripts/sources.list	                        (rev 0)
+++ van.pydeb/trunk/scripts/sources.list	2009-07-24 10:06:48 UTC (rev 102225)
@@ -0,0 +1,2 @@
+deb http://ftp.de.debian.org/debian/ unstable main
+deb-src http://ftp.de.debian.org/debian/ unstable main

Modified: van.pydeb/trunk/van/pydeb/__init__.py
--- van.pydeb/trunk/van/pydeb/__init__.py	2009-07-24 09:53:45 UTC (rev 102224)
+++ van.pydeb/trunk/van/pydeb/__init__.py	2009-07-24 10:06:48 UTC (rev 102225)
@@ -62,12 +62,23 @@
 def py_to_bin(setuptools_project):
     """Convert a setuptools project name to a debian binary package name"""
-    return _PY_TO_BIN.get(setuptools_project, 'python-%s' % setuptools_project.lower())
+    return _PY_TO_BIN.get(setuptools_project) or py_to_bin_default(setuptools_project)
+def py_to_bin_default(setuptools_project):
+    """Convert a setuptools project name to a debian binary package name.
+    This function is the fallback and represents the "default" naming schema.
+    """
+    return 'python-%s' % setuptools_project.lower()
 def py_to_src(setuptools_project):
     """Convert a setuptools project name to a debian source package name"""
-    return _PY_TO_SRC.get(setuptools_project, setuptools_project.lower())
+    return _PY_TO_SRC.get(setuptools_project) or py_to_src_default(setuptools_project)
+def py_to_src_default(setuptools_project):
+    """Convert a setuptools project name to a debian source package name"""
+    return setuptools_project.lower()
 def bin_to_py(binary_package):
     """Convert a doebian binary package name to a setuptools project name"""
     # try for an exact match
@@ -75,14 +86,20 @@
     if py_package_name is not None:
         return py_package_name
     # now we try guess
+    return bin_to_py_default(binary_package)
+def bin_to_py_default(binary_package):
     if binary_package.startswith('python-'):
         return binary_package[7:]
     return binary_package
 def src_to_py(source_package):
     """Convert a debian source package name to a setuptools project name"""
-    return _SRC_TO_PY.get(source_package, source_package)
+    return _SRC_TO_PY.get(source_package) or src_to_py_default(source_package)
+def src_to_py_default(source_package):
+    return source_package
 def _string_command(argv):
     command = argv[1]
     parser = optparse.OptionParser(usage="usage: %%prog %s argument" % command)

Modified: van.pydeb/trunk/van/pydeb/py_to_bin.txt
--- van.pydeb/trunk/van/pydeb/py_to_bin.txt	2009-07-24 09:53:45 UTC (rev 102224)
+++ van.pydeb/trunk/van/pydeb/py_to_bin.txt	2009-07-24 10:06:48 UTC (rev 102225)
@@ -1,12 +1,579 @@
 # Map eggs to debian binary packages
+# The following is a hand maintained list
+Reportlab                              	python-reportlab
+RestrictedPython			python-restrictedpython
+PyQt4					python-qt4
+# The following list is automatically generated from apt-file info by the scripts/generate script
+adesklets                               adesklets
+apt-p2p                                 apt-p2p
+aptfs                                   aptfs
+arandr                                  arandr
+archivemail                             archivemail
+archmage                                archmage
+AutoDockTools                           autodocktools
+Balazar                                 balazar
+BalazarBrothers                         balazarbrothers
+bicyclerepair                           bicyclerepair
+bitbake                                 bitbake
+JaroWinkler                             bitpim-lib
+BitTornado                              bittornado
+BitTorrent                              bittorrent
+bkchem                                  bkchem
+bleachbit                               bleachbit
+bpython                                 bpython
+bug-triage                              bug-triage
+pybugz                                  bugz
+buildbot                                buildbot
+burn                                    burn
+bzr                                     bzr
+bzr-avahi                               bzr-avahi
+bzr-builddeb                            bzr-builddeb
+bzr-cvsps-import                        bzr-cvsps-import
+bzr-dbus                                bzr-dbus
+bzr-email                               bzr-email
+fastimport                              bzr-fastimport
+bzr-git                                 bzr-git
+bzr-gtk                                 bzr-gtk
+Loom                                    bzr-loom
+bzr-pqm                                 bzr-pqm
+bzr-rewrite                             bzr-rebase
+bzr-search                              bzr-search
+bzr-stats                               bzr-stats
+bzr-svn                                 bzr-svn
+bzr-upload                              bzr-upload
+bzr-xmloutput                           bzr-xmloutput
+BzrTools                                bzrtools
+twistedcaldav                           calendarserver
+calibre                                 calibre
+Canto                                   canto
+CedarBackup2                            cedar-backup2
+cGmail                                  cgmail
+charm                                   charm
+chm2pdf                                 chm2pdf
+bzr-cia                                 cia-clients
+Codeville                               codeville
+Coherence                               coherence
+cvs2svn                                 cvs2svn
+Cython                                  cython
+d-feet                                  d-feet
+dctrl2xml                               dctrl2xml
+debomatic                               debomatic
+debpartial-mirror                       debpartial-mirror
+DebTorrent                              debtorrent
+decompyle                               decompyle
+deluge                                  deluge-core
+DenyHosts                               denyhosts
+dissy                                   dissy
+include-server                          distcc-pump
+DITrack                                 ditrack
+odtwriter                               docutils-writer-odt
+Dosage                                  dosage
+dot2tex                                 dot2tex
+driconf                                 driconf
+DrPython                                drpython
+dtrx                                    dtrx
+duplicity                               duplicity
+dynagen                                 dynagen
+ears                                    ears
+editmoin                                editmoin
+Eikazo                                  eikazo
+elisa-plugins-bad                       elisa-plugins-bad
+elisa-plugins-good                      elisa-plugins-good
+elisa-plugins-ugly                      elisa-plugins-ugly
+emesene                                 emesene
+emma                                    emma
+epigrass                                epigrass
+bzr-etckeeper                           etckeeper
+quodlibet                               exfalso
+Fabric                                  fabric
+fail2ban                                fail2ban
+flickrfs                                flickrfs
+Fnorb                                   fnorb
+fonttools                               fonttools
+fontypython                             fontypython
+The-FreeSmartphone-Framework-Daemon     fso-frameworkd
+funkload                                funkload
+fusil                                   fusil
+fusion-icon                             fusion-icon
+gaphor                                  gaphor
+gastablesgui                            gastables
+gaupol                                  gaupol
+GaussSum                                gausssum
+gazpacho                                gazpacho
+geximon                                 geximon
+git-build-package                       git-buildpackage
+gitosis                                 gitosis
+giws                                    giws
+gjots2                                  gjots2
+gmobilemedia                            gmobilemedia
+gnomecatalog                            gnomecatalog
+GNS3                                    gns3
+gourmet                                 gourmet
+gpodder                                 gpodder
+gracie                                  gracie
+gtg                                     gtg
+GVB                                     gvb
+HarvestMan                              harvestman
+hellanzb                                hellanzb
+hgsvn                                   hgsvn
+hotwire                                 hotwire
+ics                                     ics
+indywiki                                indywiki
+iotop                                   iotop
+ipython                                 ipython
+jack                                    jack
+JCC                                     jcc
+kphotobymail                            kphotobymail
+lastfmsubmitd                           lastfmsubmitd
+lazygal                                 lazygal
+lfm                                     lfm
+mod-python                              libapache2-mod-python
+Pyste                                   libboost-python1.38-dev
+netsnmp-python                          libsnmp-python
+live-magic                              live-magic
+vcs-load-dirs                           load-dirs-common
+loggerhead                              loggerhead
+londonlaw                               londonlaw
+lottanzb                                lottanzb
+ludev-t                                 ludevit
+lybniz                                  lybniz
+MayaVi                                  mayavi
+Mayavi                                  mayavi2
+megahal                                 megahal
+mercurial                               mercurial-common
+bhtree                                  mgltools-bhtree
+DejaVu                                  mgltools-dejavu
+geomutils                               mgltools-geomutils
+gle                                     mgltools-gle
+mglutil                                 mgltools-mglutil
+MolKit                                  mgltools-molkit
+NetworkEditor                           mgltools-networkeditor
+opengltk                                mgltools-opengltk
+Pmv                                     mgltools-pmv
+PyAutoDock                              mgltools-pyautodock
+PyBabel                                 mgltools-pybabel
+pyglf                                   mgltools-pyglf
+scenario                                mgltools-scenario
+sff                                     mgltools-sff
+Support                                 mgltools-support
+symserv                                 mgltools-symserv
+ViewerFramework                         mgltools-viewerframework
+Vision                                  mgltools-vision
+Volume                                  mgltools-volume
+mimms                                   mimms
+mini-dinstall                           mini-dinstall
+Mirage                                  mirage
+miro                                    miro
+Model-Builder                           model-builder
+moosic                                  moosic
+musiclibrarian                          musiclibrarian
+nuauth-command                          nuauth-utils
+Nulog                                   nulog
+obMenu                                  obmenu
+offlineimap                             offlineimap
+oggconvert                              oggconvert
+oidua                                   oidua
+ooo-thumbnailer                         ooo-thumbnailer
+ooo2dbk                                 ooo2dbk
+osc                                     osc
+ows                                     ows
+pdfposter                               pdfposter
+Phatch                                  phatch
+photo-uploader                          photo-uploader
+Photon                                  photon
+picard                                  picard
+PIDA                                    pida
+pkpgcounter                             pkpgcounter
+planet                                  planet
+Plywood                                 plywood
+pondus                                  pondus
+Pootle                                  pootle
+python-policyd-spf                      postfix-policyd-spf-python
+Postr                                   postr
+prelude-correlator                      prelude-correlator
+prewikka                                prewikka
+prover9-mace4                           prover9-mace4
+pssh                                    pssh
+PubTal                                  pubtal
+Pwman3                                  pwman3
+pybackpack                              pybackpack
+pybridge                                pybridge
+PyChecker                               pychecker
+pychess                                 pychess
+PyCoCuMa                                pycocuma
+pyflakes                                pyflakes
+Pygmy                                   pygmy
+pygopherd                               pygopherd
+pylint                                  pylint
+lucene                                  pylucene
+Pymacs                                  pymacs
+pymol                                   pymol
+Pympd                                   pympd
+pyneighborhood                          pyneighborhood
+pyqonsole                               pyqonsole
+pyrite-publisher                        pyrite-publisher
+Pyro                                    pyro
+PyRoom                                  pyroom
+pyscrabble                              pyscrabble-common
+pyslide                                 pyslide
+pytagsfs                                pytagsfs
+Py2Play                                 python-2play
+4Suite-XML                              python-4suite-xml
+adns-python                             python-adns
+Amara                                   python-amara
+python-application                      python-application
+AppTools                                python-apptools
+python-apt                              python-apt
+python-aspects                          python-aspects
+py-Asterisk                             python-asterisk
+AsynQueue                               python-asynqueue
+pyspi                                   python-at-spi
+python-augeas                           python-augeas
+AuthKit                                 python-authkit
+Axiom                                   python-axiom
+Beaker                                  python-beaker
 BeautifulSoup                           python-beautifulsoup
+python-bibtex                           python-bibtex
+python2-biggles                         python-biggles
+PyBluez                                 python-bluez
+Brlapi                                  python-brlapi
+cx-bsdiff                               python-bsdiff
+python-cdd                              python-cdd
+CDDB                                    python-cddb
+cElementTree                            python-celementtree
+Cerealizer                              python-cerealizer
+PyCg                                    python-cg
+Chaco                                   python-chaco
+Cheetah                                 python-cheetah
+pychm                                   python-chm
+python-cjson                            python-cjson
+pyclamav                                python-clamav
+ClientCookie                            python-clientcookie
+ClientForm                              python-clientform
+logilab-constraint                      python-constraint
+CouchDB                                 python-couchdb
+CoverageTestRunner                      python-coverage-test-runner
+Creoleparser                            python-creoleparser
+pycrypto                                python-crypto
+PythonDaap                              python-daap
+python-dateutil                         python-dateutil
+python-debian                           python-debian
+DecoratorTools                          python-decoratortools
+DeliciousAPI                            python-deliciousapi
+RuleDispatch                            python-dispatch
+python-distutils-extra                  python-distutils-extra
+Django                                  python-django
+dmigrations                             python-django-dmigrations
+South                                   python-django-south
+tagging                                 python-django-tagging
+pydkim                                  python-dkim
+python-dmidecode                        python-dmidecode
+python-dmidecode-dbg                    python-dmidecode-dbg
+pydns                                   python-dns
+DSV                                     python-dsv
+EditObj                                 python-editobj
+pyelemental                             python-elemental
+Enable                                  python-enable
+pyenchant                               python-enchant
+EnthoughtBase                           python-enthoughtbase
+EnvisageCore                            python-envisagecore
+EnvisagePlugins                         python-envisageplugins
+Epsilon                                 python-epsilon
+pyExcelerator                           python-excelerator
+ExtensionClass                          python-extclass
+Extractor                               python-extractor
+eyeD3                                   python-eyed3
+pyfacebook                              python-facebook
+python-fam                              python-fam
+FibraNet                                python-fibranet
+FormEncode                              python-formencode
+libftdi                                 python-ftdi
+fuse-python                             python-fuse
+gdmodule                                python-gd
+GDAL                                    python-gdal
+gdata.py                                python-gdata
+pygdchart                               python-gdchart2
+Genetic                                 python-genetic
+Genshi                                  python-genshi
+GeoIP-Python                            python-geoip
+GitPython                               python-git
+gnuplot-py                              python-gnuplot
+python-gnutls                           python-gnutls
+pygpiv                                  python-gpiv
+gpsd                                    python-gps
+python-graph                            python-graph
+python-gtkmvc                           python-gtkmvc
+HappyDoc                                python-happydoc
+Ifeffit                                 python-ifeffit
+PIL                                     python-imaging
+pysane                                  python-imaging-sane
+IMDbPY                                  python-imdbpy
+Impacket                                python-impacket
+IPy                                     python-ipy
+python-irclib                           python-irclib
+Jinja                                   python-jinja
+Jinja2                                  python-jinja2
+json-py                                 python-json
+jToolkit                                python-jtoolkit
+python-ldap                             python-ldap
+python-Levenshtein                      python-levenshtein
+pylibpcap                               python-libpcap
+Louie                                   python-louie
 M2Crypto                                python-m2crypto
-PIL                                     python-imaging
+Magic-file-extensions                   python-magic
+Mako                                    python-mako
+MDP                                     python-mdp
+python-memcached                        python-memcache
+sqlalchemy-migrate                      python-migrate
+pymilter                                python-milter
+mingc                                   python-ming
+MiniMock                                python-minimock
+moin                                    python-moinmoin
+python-mpd                              python-mpd
+pymsn                                   python-msn
+Multibuild                              python-multibuild
+python-musicbrainz                      python-musicbrainz
+python-musicbrainz2                     python-musicbrainz2
+pyofa                                   python-musicdns
+pymvpa                                  python-mvpa
+Myghty                                  python-myghty
+MyghtyUtils                             python-myghtyutils
+MySQL-python                            python-mysqldb
+python-netfilter                        python-netfilter
+Nevow                                   python-nevow
+pynifti                                 python-nifti
+Numeric                                 python-numeric
+OcempGUI                                python-ocempgui
+pyogg                                   python-ogg
+PyOpenAL                                python-openal
+PyOpenGL                                python-opengl
+python-openid                           python-openid
+openoffice-python                       python-openoffice
+pyOpenSSL                               python-openssl
+python-oss                              python-oss
+python-otr                              python-otr
+PAM                                     python-pam
+pyparallel                              python-parallel
+Paste                                   python-paste
+PasteDeploy                             python-pastedeploy
+PasteScript                             python-pastescript
+pyPgSQL                                 python-pgsql
+python-pipeline                         python-pipeline
+python-libpisock                        python-pisock
+plasTeX                                 python-plastex
+PLWM                                    python-plwm
+PyProtocols                             python-protocols
+python-ptrace                           python-ptrace
+Babel                                   python-pybabel
+PyChart                                 python-pychart
+pyFltk                                  python-pyfltk
+PyGLEW                                  python-pyglew
+Pygments                                python-pygments
+PyGreSQL                                python-pygresql
+PyICU                                   python-pyicu
+PyKCS11                                 python-pykcs11
+Pylons                                  python-pylons
+pygpgme                                 python-pyme
+PyMTP                                   python-pymtp
+PyODE                                   python-pyode
+py-pypcap                               python-pypcap
+pyPdf                                   python-pypdf
+Pyrex                                   python-pyrex
+PyRRD                                   python-pyrrd
+PyRSS2Gen                               python-pyrss2gen
+pysnmp-apps                             python-pysnmp4-apps
+pysnmp-mibs                             python-pysnmp4-mibs
+PyTrilinos                              python-pytrilinos
+PyVTK                                   python-pyvtk
+PyWavelets                              python-pywt
+PyX                                     python-pyx
+Rabbyt                                  python-rabbyt
+recaptcha-client                        python-recaptcha
+pyremctl                                python-remctl
+renpy-module                            python-renpy
+Routes                                  python-routes
+py-rrdtool                              python-rrdtool
+sAsync                                  python-sasync
+ScientificPython                        python-scientific
+scikits.openopt                         python-scikits-openopt
+py-sendfile                             python-sendfile
+pyserial                                python-serial
+SetupDocs                               python-setupdocs
+PySFML                                  python-sfml
+Shapely                                 python-shapely
+Skype4Py                                python-skype
+smart                                   python-smartpm
+python-snpp                             python-snpp
+SOAPpy                                  python-soappy
+python-socksipy                         python-socksipy
+Soya                                    python-soya
+SPARQLWrapper                           python-sparqlwrapper
+pysparse                                python-sparse
+Sphinx                                  python-sphinx
+SpreadModule                            python-spread
+SQLAlchemy                              python-sqlalchemy
+yum-metadata-parser                     python-sqlitecachec
+SQLObject                               python-sqlobject
+pystatgrab                              python-statgrab
+pysubnettree                            python-subnettree
+cwm                                     python-swap
+PySyck                                  python-syck
+pytcpwrap                               python-tcpwrap
+telepathy-python                        python-telepathy
+Tempita                                 python-tempita
+TurboTinyMCE                            python-tinymce
+tkSnack                                 python-tksnack
+Tofu                                    python-tofu
+libtpclient-py                          python-tp-client
+libtpproto-py                           python-tp-netlib
+Traits                                  python-traits
+TraitsBackendQt                         python-traitsbackendqt
+TraitsBackendWX                         python-traitsbackendwx
+TraitsGUI                               python-traitsgui
+TRML2PDF                                python-trml2pdf
+TurboGears                              python-turbogears
+TurboGears2                             python-turbogears2
+TurboJson                               python-turbojson
+TurboKid                                python-turbokid
+TurboMail                               python-turbomail
+Twisted                                 python-twisted
+Conch                                   python-twisted-conch
+Twisted-Core                            python-twisted-core
+Twisted-Lore                            python-twisted-lore
+Twisted-Mail                            python-twisted-mail
+Twisted-Names                           python-twisted-names
+Twisted-News                            python-twisted-news
+Twisted-Web                             python-twisted-web
+Twisted-Words                           python-twisted-words
+python-twitter                          python-twitter
 pytz                                    python-tz
-Reportlab                              	python-reportlab
-SQLAlchemy                           	python-sqlalchemy
-ZConfig					python-zconfig
+UniConvertor                            python-uniconvertor
+pyusb                                   python-usb
+uTidylib                                python-utidylib
+VTK                                     python-vtk
+PyWebDAV                                python-webdav
+WebError                                python-weberror
+WebHelpers                              python-webhelpers
+pyweblib                                python-weblib
+WebOb                                   python-webob
+web.py                                  python-webpy
+WebTest                                 python-webtest
+Werkzeug                                python-werkzeug
+Whoosh                                  python-whoosh
+python-xlib                             python-xlib
+PyXML                                   python-xml
+python-xmltv                            python-xmltv
+pYsearch                                python-yahoo
+PyYAML                                  python-yaml
+zinnia-python                           python-zinnia
 ZODB3                                   python-zodb
-RestrictedPython			python-restrictedpython
-PyQt4					python-qt4
+ZSI                                     python-zsi
+PythonCAD                               pythoncad
+pytrainer                               pytrainer
+qct                                     qct
+qmtest                                  qmtest
+QuantLib-Python                         quantlib-python
+rapache                                 rapache
+rawdog                                  rawdog
+rdiff-backup                            rdiff-backup
+rebuildd                                rebuildd
+rednotebook                             rednotebook
+relational-gui                          relational
+releaseforge                            releaseforge
+remuco                                  remuco-base
+roundup                                 roundup
+rpl                                     rpl
+rst2pdf                                 rst2pdf
+rubber                                  rubber
+sapgui-package                          sapgui-package
+scanerrlog                              scanerrlog
+scons                                   scons
+screenlets                              screenlets
+sesearch                                setroubleshoot
+sixpack                                 sixpack
+smart-notifier                          smart-notifier
+snakefood                               snakefood
+snimpy                                  snimpy
+Sonata                                  sonata
+Songwrite                               songwrite
+spambayes                               spambayes
+spe                                     spe
+specto                                  specto
+spf-milter-python                       spf-milter-python
+sshproxy                                sshproxy
+startupmanager                          startupmanager
+stgit                                   stgit
+Straw                                   straw
+supybot                                 supybot
+svnmailer                               svnmailer
+Switzerland                             switzerland
+synce-kpm                               synce-kpm
+sync-engine                             synce-sync-engine
+synopsis                                synopsis
+tailor                                  tailor
+tepache                                 tepache
+Terminator                              terminator
+Thuban                                  thuban
+TileCache                               tilecache
+tla-buildpackage                        tla-buildpackage
+Trac                                    trac
+TracAccountManager                      trac-accountmanager
+TracAuthOpenId                          trac-authopenid
+TracBzr                                 trac-bzr
+TracGit                                 trac-git
+TracMercurial                           trac-mercurial
+TracSpamFilter                          trac-spamfilter
+translate-toolkit                       translate-toolkit
+trash                                   trash-cli
+tryton                                  tryton-client
+trytond-account                         tryton-modules-account
+trytond-account-de-skr03                tryton-modules-account-de-skr03
+trytond-account-invoice                 tryton-modules-account-invoice
+trytond-account-invoice-history         tryton-modules-account-invoice-history
+trytond-account-product                 tryton-modules-account-product
+trytond-account-statement               tryton-modules-account-statement
+trytond-analytic-account                tryton-modules-analytic-account
+trytond-analytic-invoice                tryton-modules-analytic-invoice
+trytond-analytic-purchase               tryton-modules-analytic-purchase
+trytond-analytic-sale                   tryton-modules-analytic-sale
+trytond-company                         tryton-modules-company
+trytond-country                         tryton-modules-country
+trytond-currency                        tryton-modules-currency
+trytond-google-maps                     tryton-modules-google-maps
+trytond-party                           tryton-modules-party
+trytond-product                         tryton-modules-product
+trytond-purchase                        tryton-modules-purchase
+trytond-sale                            tryton-modules-sale
+trytond-stock                           tryton-modules-stock
+trytond-stock-location-sequence         tryton-modules-stock-location-sequence
+trytond-stock-supply                    tryton-modules-stock-supply
+trytond                                 tryton-server
+TTCN3Parser                             ttcn3parser
+ufw                                     ufw
+unattended-upgrades                     unattended-upgrades
+unperish                                unperish
+urlscan                                 urlscan
+urlwatch                                urlwatch
+virtaal                                 virtaal
+virtinst                                virtinst
+wammu                                   wammu
+wapiti                                  wapiti
+webboard                                webboard
+Wicd                                    wicd
+wikipediafs                             wikipediafs
+winpdb                                  winpdb
+xmldiff                                 xmldiff
+xmms2tray                               xmms2tray
+xxdiff-scripts                          xxdiff-scripts
+yagtd                                   yagtd
+zenmap                                  zenmap
+zeroinstall-injector                    zeroinstall-injector
+zopyx.textindexng3                      zope-textindexng3-lib

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