[Grok-dev] Zope.app.* and grok question

Christopher Lozinski lozinski at freerecruiting.com
Mon Mar 17 21:58:27 CET 2014


Grok installs nicely.  The book and docs look great.

First thank you to all the people who put in so much effort creating grok.

I am trying to bring up a ZMI on top of grok.  Looks quite doable, until
I actually try doing it.

Both zope.app.container, and zope.app.undo gave me big trouble. 

I see three paths I could take, I am not sure which path I should follow.

I can try to use those packages directly.  Edit setup.py and site.zcml.ini
That leads to lots of obscure bug messages.  If this is the right path
to follow, I can report those bugs here.

Second option is that I can subclass the classes in grok. 

Third option is that I can port the code over to grok. 

 Has anyone gotten parts of zope.app to work with grok? 
Are there conflicts?

My guess is that pulling in zope.app.container brings in lots and lots of stuff.  It may take only a few lines, but a huge chunk of code needs to be understood. 

Porting it over to grok, limits the amount of code I have to touch to what is in the package.  Realistically just a couple of files.  

Maybe subclassing is the easiest.  Although a bit confusing because ZTK uses ZCML to define things, and grok uses python classes. 

-Which is the best path to take?  Why?  Any advice would be appreciated. - 


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