[Grok-dev] Everyone likes this Grok Website

lozinski lozinski at privacv.com
Wed Feb 1 07:43:31 CET 2017

https://iosinfo.london/ <https://iosinfo.london/>

And its success is breathing life into:

https://privacv.com/iphone <https://privacv.com/iphone>

Assuming that developments in American politics do not trash the global economy, these websites are growing steadily, and will spread to the global iOS community.   (Let me know if you are looking for iOS developers. I know lots of them. )

I am very happy with Zope and Grok.  My competitors, Zeef.com <http://zeef.com/> and Glx.com spent multiple millions of Euros or Dollars on worse websites. GLX still is not working, and Zeef just has a three level hierarchy.   Zope and Grok provide very high levels of abstraction.  Allowing me to build these websites single-handedly.  

In particular iosInfo.london and blogory.org <http://blogory.org/> are proper trees of heterogenous classes.  Hard to do that on a relational database.  The joins are too expensive.  Blogory has some branches that are 9 levels deep.   And PrivaCV models a complex person as a tree of objects.  Z3C.form allows editing of that complex tree.  And the whole thing would not have worked without Python, ZODB and  zope.securitypolicy.  Thank you everyone for all the great work. 

Warm Regards
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