[Grok-dev] Replacing Grok Publishing with Cromlech Publisher.

Christopher Lozinski lozinski at freerecruiting.com
Tue Sep 19 07:20:02 CEST 2017

The biggest problem with Grok is the whole publication stuff.  What a mess. 

I am trying to figure out how to clean up grok publishing. 

here is a much simpler publisher.  

 https://github.com/Cromlech/cromlech.dawnlight/blob/master/src/cromlech/dawnlight/publish.py#L33 <https://github.com/Cromlech/cromlech.dawnlight/blob/master/src/cromlech/dawnlight/publish.py#L33>

It traverses objects, and uses views on those objects.  

Having said that, the thought comes to mind as to why not use the Pyramid publication process?

I suspect that the issue is security.   I think that Zope and Pyramid have different security models.  I am not yet sure what the cromlech security model is.  I have to read about ti next. 

https://github.com/Cromlech/cromlech.security <https://github.com/Cromlech/cromlech.security>

I hope that it is closer to the Grok approach.   Comments appreciated. 

The good news, is that Souheil, the Cromlech co-author is being wonderfully supportive in helping me to understand it. 
The hardest part was getting a grasp on it.  How do I get started?  Once started, there are lots of good documentation int he code. 
The trick was to get started.  Now that I am busy reading the Publisher code, and soon the security code, progress is being made. 
I am hooked.

In other news:

Poland has 850 Bln dollars for innovation and startups that want to move here. 

PythonLinks.info <http://pythonlinks.info/> is looking much better, so I am busy cleaning up the code.  

I also want to release zopache.com <http://zopache.com/> as a Docker container to bring in more users. 

I head off to PyCon France tomorrow morning. 

Warm Regards
Christopher Lozinski

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