[Gsoc] introductions, please

Martijn Faassen faassen at startifact.com
Tue May 8 18:04:29 EDT 2007

Hi there,

I hope I'm reaching our summer of code students this way. Students, if
you haven't already, please subscribe to the gsoc at zope.org mailing
list so we can have discussions about the Google Summer of Code as
relating to Zope here.

We're currently in an interim period lasting until may 28 where the
students are supposed to be learning more about their project
communities. I've indeed seen some students, but not all, pop up on
various Zope related mailing lists. Others have been more quiet. I'd
prefer to hear some noise from you guys. Noise (if at least somewhat
on-topic) is good for open source communities.

Noise is also good for you, as if you're noisy, people will get to
know you and might actually start listening to some of your ideas.
Don't be afraid to make noise. I've made an idiot and a nuisance of
myself (on occasion, not all the time I hope!) in the permanent record
for years and people still seem to listen to me.

How can we get some noise started? Besides you learning more about
your project communities, the project communities would also like to
learn more about you, students! So please, if you haven't already,
send an introduction about yourself and your project to the Zope 3
mailing list, and cc it to the gsoc at zope.org mailing list. If you're
going to work on Grok, you could choose to introduce yourself on the
grok-dev mailing list instead, but I think cc-ing Zope 3 dev can't
hurt to keep them in the loop.

I think the coming few weeks would also be a good time to explore some
of the project proposals some more. Various mentors (including myself)
have feedback on some of the proposals. I think now is a good time to
discuss this feedback on the relevant mailing lists. I'll try to kick
off these discussions myself but feel free to be faster, other
mentors. :)



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