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*Storesonline, Ecommerce: I Second That Emotional Connection***

We are much more emotionally attached to products for which we feel some
involvement. So true personalization and customization makes a real

There is a psychology to the products we use most. *Storesonline* works
within the realm of that psychology.  In truth, there may likely be a
product that is less expensive and equal in many primary ways. However, the
use of a product has certain emotional ties that link the product with a
particular response. We may not be able to articulate why the product is
superior; we simply know it is the only product we want to use.

As an entrepreneur involved in ecommerce it may be important to work toward
finding ways to assist your customers in developing an emotional link to the
products you carry. That's why the *Storesonline* software helps generate
that emotional link for those products.

Creating an emotional attachment is to go beyond designing Web sites simply
for usefulness and focus on meeting desires as well as user's needs. When
this occurred, people would start integrating those products into their
lives and start to incorporate it into daily rituals.

When your customers begin to use the product and gain an emotional
attachment to it you will likely discover a highly motivated client who
willingly tells others about your product.

Some of the best advertising has allowed consumers to develop an emotional
attachment to a product they may have never used. For instance just
mentioning products like Hallmark, Smuckers, Coke or *Storesonline* often
causes consumers to think about connections that bridge their emotional
response to the product in question.
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