[ZDP] Zope documentation project for French community

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Tue, 6 Jul 1999 11:27:35 +0200


With other persons in France, we would like work on the project of
providing french documentation for Zope technologies.
I think such a project is important because few people in France are aware
of the power of Zope (and Python in general). And many of those who may be
don't decide to go to it.
Note that french community means France + all french speaking countries in
the world.

The idea is to work on two fronts: Provide a french site for Zope
documentation and promotion + Work on a book.
If folks out there are interested to work with us, you are welcome.
Also we are obviously keen to follow quality guidelines from ZDP.

Kamon Ayeva
Transiciel I.S.R.
[email protected]