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Jeremy Hylton [email protected]
Mon, 29 Jul 2002 14:46:31 -0400

Update of /cvs-repository/ZEO/ZEO
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      Tag: ZODB4-ZEO-branch
	ClientStorage.py StorageServer.py 
Log Message:
Track API changes for ZODB4.

=== ZEO/ZEO/ClientStorage.py 1.41 => ===
-    def registerDB(self, db, limit):
+    def registerDB(self, db):
         """Register that the storage is controlled by the given DB."""
-        log2(INFO, "registerDB(%s, %s)" % (repr(db), repr(limit)))
+        log2(INFO, "registerDB(%s)" % (repr(db)))
         self._db = db
     def is_connected(self):

=== ZEO/ZEO/StorageServer.py 1.39 => ===
 from ZODB.POSException import StorageError, StorageTransactionError, \
      TransactionError, ReadOnlyError
 from ZODB.referencesf import referencesf
-from ZODB.Transaction import Transaction
+from ZODB.ZTransaction import Transaction
 from ZODB.TmpStore import TmpStore
 # We create a special fast pickler! This allows us