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-What's new in ZODB3 3.7.0?
+What's new in ZODB3 3.7.0
-Release date: ???
+Release date: 2007-04-20
+- (3.7.0b3) ZODB is now packaged without it's dependencies
+  ZODB no longer includes copies of dependencies such as 
+  ZConfig, zope.interface and so on.  It now treats these as
+  dependencies.  If ZODB is installed with easy_install or
+  zc.buildout, the dependencies will be installed automatically.
+- (3.7.0b3) ZODB is now a buildout
+  ZODB checkouts are now built and tested using zc.buildout.
+- (3.7b4) Added logic to avoid spurious errors from the logging system
+  on exit.
+- (3.7b2) Removed the "sync" mode for ClientStorage.  
+  Previously, a ClientStorage could be in either "sync" mode or "async"
+  mode.  Now there is just "async" mode.  There is now a dedicicated
+  asyncore main loop dedicated to ZEO clients.
+  Applications no-longer need to run an asyncore main loop to cause
+  client storages to run in async mode.  Even if an application runs an
+  asyncore main loop, it is independent of the loop used by client
+  storages. 
+  This addresses a test failure on Mac OS X,
+  http://www.zope.org/Collectors/Zope3-dev/650, that I believe was due
+  to a bug in sync mode. Some asyncore-based code was being called from
+  multiple threads that didn't expect to be.
+  Converting to always-async mode revealed some bugs that weren't caught
+  before because the tests ran in sync mode.  These problems could
+  explain some problems we've seen at times with clients taking a long
+  time to reconnect after a disconnect.
+  Added a partial heart beat to try to detect lost connections that
+  aren't otherwise caught,
+  http://mail.zope.org/pipermail/zodb-dev/2005-June/008951.html, by
+  perioidically writing to all connections during periods of inactivity.
+Connection management
+- (3.7a1) When more than ``pool_size`` connections have been closed,
+  ``DB`` forgets the excess (over ``pool_size``) connections closed first.
+  Python's cyclic garbage collection can take "a long time" to reclaim them
+  (and may in fact never reclaim them if application code keeps strong
+  references to them), but such forgotten connections can never be opened
+  again, so their caches are now cleared at the time ``DB`` forgets them.
+  Most applications won't notice a difference, but applications that open
+  many connections, and/or store many large objects in connection caches,
+  and/or store limited resources (such as RDB connections) in connection
+  caches may benefit.
+- Added support for 64-bit integer BTrees as separate types.  
+  (For now, we're retaining compile-time support for making the
+   regular integer BTrees 64-bit.)
 - Support for 64-bit integer keys and values has been provided as a
-  compile-time option.
+  compile-time option for the "I" BTrees (e.g. IIBTree).
+- (3.7a1) Thanks to Stephan Richter for converting many of the doctest
+  files to ReST format.  These are now chapters in the Zope 3 apidoc too.
+- (3.7a1) The documentation for ``_p_oid`` now specifies the concrete
+  type of oids (in short, an oid is either None or a non-empty string).
+- (3.7b2) Fixed test-runner output truncation.
+  A bug was fixed in the test runner that caused result summaries to be
+  omitted when running on Windows.
+- (3.7a1) The changeover from zLOG to the logging module means that some
+  tools need to perform minimal logging configuration themselves. Changed
+  the zeoup script to do so and thus enable it to emit error messages.
+- (3.7a1) Suppressed warnings about signedness of characters when
+  compiling under GCC 4.0.x.  See http://www.zope.org/Collectors/Zope/2027.
+- (3.7a1) An optimization for loading non-current data (MVCC) was
+  inadvertently disabled in ``_setstate()``; this has been repaired.
+- (3.7a1) Suppressed warnings about signedness of characters when
+  compiling under GCC 4.0.x.  See http://www.zope.org/Collectors/Zope/2027.
+- (3.7a1) PersistentMapping was inadvertently pickling volatile attributes
+  (http://www.zope.org/Collectors/Zope/2052).
+After Commit hooks
+- (3.7a1) Transaction objects have a new method,
+  ``addAfterCommitHook(hook, *args, **kws)``.  Hook functions
+  registered with a transaction are called after the transaction
+  commits or aborts. For example, one might want to launch non
+  transactional or asynchrnonous code after a successful, or aborted,
+  commit. See ``test_afterCommitHook()`` in
+  ``transaction/tests/test_transaction.py`` for a tutorial doctest,
+  and the ``ITransaction`` interface for details.
 What's new in ZODB3 3.6.2?
 Release date: 15-July-2006

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