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+How to use NFS to make Blobs more efficient
+:Author: Christian Theune <ct at gocept.com>
+When handling blobs, the biggest goal is to avoid writing operations that
+require the blob data to be transferred using up IO resources.
+When bringing a blob into the system, at least one O(N) operation has to
+happen, e.g. when the blob is uploaded via a network server. The blob should
+be extracted as a file on the final storage volume as early as possible,
+avoiding further copies.
+In a ZEO setup, all data is stored on a networked server and passed to it
+using zrpc. This is a major problem for handling blobs, because it will lock
+all transactions from committing when storing a single large blob. As a
+default, this mechanism works but is not recommended for high-volume
+Shared filesystem
+The solution for the transfer problem is to setup various storage parameters
+so that blobs are always handled on a single volume that is shared via network
+between ZEO servers and clients.
+Step 1: Setup a writable shared filesystem for ZEO server and client
+On the ZEO server, create two directories on the volume that will be used by
+this setup (assume the volume is accessible via $SERVER/):
+    - $SERVER/blobs
+    - $SERVER/tmp
+Then export the $SERVER directory using a shared network filesystem like NFS.
+Make sure it's writable by the ZEO clients.
+Assume the exported directory is available on the client as $CLIENT.
+Step 2: Application temporary directories
+Applications (i.e. Zope) will put uploaded data in a temporary directory
+first. Adjust your TMPDIR, TMP or TEMP environment variable to point to the
+shared filesystem:
+    $ export TMPDIR=$CLIENT/tmp
+Step 3: ZEO client caches
+Edit the file `zope.conf` on the ZEO client and adjust the configuration of
+the `zeoclient` storage with two new variables::
+    blob-dir = $CLIENT/blobs
+    blob-cache-writable = yes
+Step 4: ZEO server
+Edit the file `zeo.conf` on the ZEO server to configure the blob directory.
+Assuming the published storage of the ZEO server is a file storage, then the
+configuration should look like this::
+    <blobstorage 1>
+        <filestorage>
+            path $INSTANCE/var/Data.fs
+        <filestorage>
+        bob-dir $SERVER/blobs
+    </blobstorage>
+(Remember to manually replace $SERVER and $CLIENT with the exported directory
+as accessible bei either the ZEO server or the ZEO client.)
+At this point, after restarting your ZEO server and clients, the blob
+directory will be shared and a minimum amount of IO will occur when working
+with blobs.

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