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  This is of too little value to keep up to date, as evidenced by the
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-ZODB Documentation
-Simple text files
-This is a brief summary of the text documentation included with ZODB.
-Most of the text actually uses the restructured text format.  The
-summary lists the title and path of each document.
-BerkeleyDB Storages for ZODB
-Using zdctl and zdrun to manage server processes
-ZEO Client Cache
-Running a ZEO Server HOWTO
-ZEO Client Cache Tracing
-Formatted documents
-There are two documents written the Python documentation tools.
-  ZODB/ZEO Programming Guide
-    PDF:  zodb.pdf
-    HTML: zodb/zodb.html
-  ZODB Storage API
-    PDF:  storage.pdf
-    HTML: storage/storage.html
-The documents located here can be formatted using the mkhowto script
-which is part of the Python documentation tools.  The recommended use
-of this script is to create a symlink from some handy bin/ directory
-to the script, located in Doc/tools/mkhowto in the Python source
-distribution; that script will locate the various support files it
-needs appropriately.
-The Makefile contains the commands to produce both the PDF and HTML
-versions of the documents.

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