[ZODB-Dev] API for dooming a transaction for ZODB 3.3

Steve Alexander steve at z3u.com
Thu Jan 8 09:18:30 EST 2004


I'd like to add some sort of API for dooming a transaction to ZODB 3.3.

Dooming a transaction is a way of ensuring that a transaction will not 
successfully commit, without actually aborting the tranaction immediately.

This is particularly useful in Zope applications when an error occurs in 
an application, and you want to ensure the transaction will not be 
committed, but you don't want to present the exception to the user.

This has been discussed on zodb-dev before.


The topic most recently came up on the zope3-dev list.


Any suggestions on a good name for this addition to the API?

Perhaps get_transaction().doom() ?

Steve Alexander

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