[ZODB-Dev] ZODB performace/banchmarks

Lukas Linhart almad at include.cz
Thu Jun 23 09:11:59 EDT 2005

E-mail Tamas Hegedus ze dne Thu 23. of June 2005 14:57:
> Hi,


> Two months ago I red about the ZODP that it has high performace, can
> store high amount of data, but there are no banchmarks e.g. for
> comparison for RDBMS.

This will be also comparsion between rdbms and oodbms. So, does not say much 
about oodbms. 

> Are these true? If yes, why is not created a banchmark or something like
> that?

For my sake, I've tested it on simple 'discussion table' (i. e. name, e-mail, 
text) with generating random values.

Size was around 4 GB, it took a few hours to generate. 

Then, when selecting "select * from tbl where id=x" and corresponding action 
in zodb, zodb was about 10x slower. However, that was not tested with 
IndexedCatalog. (tested with Firebird)

However, use zodb when you need oodbms. I'm personally overusing it because I 
don't have to "dirty" my code with or mapping. However, strength of oodbms is 
when dealing with object data (that means lot of joins and complicated 
mapping with rdbms). 

> Thanks,
> Tamas


Lukas "Almad" Linhart

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