[ZODB-Dev] problems w/ Pickle based deep-copy of Blob objects

Rob Miller robm at openplans.org
Tue Aug 19 15:05:48 EDT 2008

hi all,

i've been experimenting w/ getting ZODB 3.8's blob storage support to work w/ 
the openplans.org stack, and have hit a snag about which i could use some 

the problem is that CMFEditions, which we use to version our content, uses 
Pickler.dump() and Unpickler.load() to create deep copies of objects, which 
then get stored as historical versions of those objects.  the heart of the 
issue is probably best illustrated by an interactive session:

 >>> blob
<ZODB.blob.Blob object at 0xa0c1230>
 >>> blob.readers
 >>> blob.writers
 >>> stream = StringIO()
 >>> p = Pickler(stream, 1)
 >>> p.dump(blob)
<cPickle.Pickler object at 0x9fb9cc8>
 >>> u = Unpickler(stream)
 >>> stream.seek(0)
 >>> copy = u.load()
 >>> copy
<ZODB.blob.Blob object at 0xa0c12a8>
 >>> copy.readers
 >>> copy.writers

'readers' and 'writers' are defined as None on the Blob class, but they get 
initialized as empty list instance variables by the __init__ and __setstate__ 
methods.  neither of these are triggered by the deep copy process, however, 
and apparently the __getstate__ and __setstate__ implementations prevent these 
instance variables from propagating to the pickled copy.

this seems okay, at first, but if anything is done w/ the transaction that 
triggers the copy's _p_invalidate method to be called, it blows up with a 
TypeError on the following:

     for ref in self.readers+self.writers:

the problem seems to go away w/ a simple change:

     for ref in (self.readers or []) + (self.writers or []):

this seems safe to me; it's not actually changing the state of any objects, 
and it's only going to have an impact when an object w/ no readers and writers 
is trying to be invalidated.  but i don't know enough about what's going on 
here to feel confident that this is the right solution, that i'm not 
introducing some subtle ZODB bug that's going to bite me (or someone else) 
down the road.

can anyone tell me whether or not this seems safe?  if this isn't the right 
approach, what would you suggest?  (my second guess would be to fix the 
__getstate__ and __setstate__ implementation so that these instance variables 
make it through the pickling process in the first place...)

any help very appreciated, thanks!


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