[Zope-DB] Change connection objects outside of Zope

Dario Lopez-Kästen [email protected]
Thu, 16 Aug 2001 20:11:22 +0200

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From: "Mark Langkau" <[email protected]>
> How would I go about programmatically changing the connect string in a
> database connection object? In our production environment, we change ou=
> database passwords on a regular basis. It will become a pain to change
> all of the hard coded user/password strings in the connection objects.
> (There may not be a large number to change - but *remembering* to chang=
> them, and to find all of them will become a maintenance issue ;-)

hm... this might be solvable by using the Z Forwarding Database Adapter


has anyone used it and can share any experinces?


oh... Thank you for the new list !!! :-)

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