[Zope-DB] RDBMS data storage

Dieter Maurer dieter at handshake.de
Sun Dec 28 13:23:05 EST 2003

Jeff Lee wrote at 2003-12-27 16:50 -0800:
>I'm new to Zope, but love what I've seen so far.  Can
>someone tell me if it's possible to move all of the
>data stored in the ZODB into an RDBMS (Oracle)?  I
>know that you can connect to an external database, but
>I would like to move everything to an RDBMS.

This depends on how you want to move things into the RDBMS...

Someone already mentioned "OracleStorage". It stores the ZODB's
pickles (i.e. the serialized state of the objects) in Oracle.
It is an order of magnitude slower than storing in a FileStorage.
You cannot do much with the pickles in Oracle (it does not understand
the format). Thus, usually, you would not want this form of "move"
(You can use Oracle replication to replicate the pickles).

There is APE. It allows you to store part of the object state
in a form meaningful to an RDBMS. It is in alpha state.


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