[Zope-DB] [ANN] Modified version of DCOracle2 is available

Maciej Wisniowski maciej.wisniowski at coig.katowice.pl
Mon Dec 11 16:14:31 EST 2006

Just a little information about project status.

I did some more work with pooling. I've implemented SQLAlchemy pooling
into DCOracle2 and it works nice, although I'm thinking about
own pooling.

Details are in CHANGELOG. In short:

- DCOracle2 now uses connections pool from SQLAlchemy (in fact it is a
pool of resource managers)

- DCOracle2 now reconnects after database failure (ZPublisher Retries -
based on ChrisW code)

- Stored procedures are simplified, fixed and they're no longer resource
managers itself

- path to DCOracle2 (dco2.p from Klaus Martin Happle) included

- docs updated a bit

- DCOracle2 is not using volatile attributes at all

DCOracle2 is not working on x86_64 architecture (causes segfaults).
I'm looking for solution but it is possibly necessary to dig into C
code so any help apreciatted here

Still no new tests but I made a progress and at last executed
present test cases :)

Current version is available from subversion repository:
svn checkout
https://dcoracle2da.googlecode.com/svn/tags/1.0RC2 DCOracle2

I've also put a little fix in handling DateTimes
lower than 1901 (ugly thing)...

I'm also wondering about possibility to use REQUEST object to store
connection object taken from pool thorough the request. I mean something
1. get connection from the pool and mark as used
2. bind connection into REQUEST object (maybe just weakref)
3. every subsequent call will get object form request instead
of creating a thread lock etc.

Any thoughts about DateTime and/or REQUEST?

BTW. Possibly I'll be able to commit the code into Zope repositories

Maciej Wisniowski

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