[Zope-DB] SQL and Zope3 Tutorial - Feedback needed [ cross posting ]

kevin gill kevin at movieextras.ie
Tue Jan 8 17:29:02 EST 2008

I found that there is a lack of documentation for using SQLDTML with
Zope3. SQLAlchemy is newer and exciting and SQLDTML is mostly ignored.
This is unfortunate as it works well and is well known to Zope2

I have made an attempt to redress the balance by adding a tutorial on it to
the ZopeInAnger section of the Wiki.


Unfortunately, the tutorial is quite long. The example code is attached to
the tutorial.

I would appreciate any feedback, particularly corrections, criticisms. I
will (grudgingly) accept criticisms of my presentation style as well as
the content. This is my first attempt to add to the documentation body for



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