[Zope-dev] Packing (still) hosed in 2.6.2?

Dieter Maurer dieter at handshake.de
Tue Aug 12 22:56:37 EDT 2003

Anthony Baxter wrote at 2003-8-12 18:18 +1000:
 > I remember that 2.6 had issues with packing, but I was under the
 > impression that they'd been fixed...
 > However, attempting to pack a Data.fs in 2.6-current-cvs fails 
 > for me:
 > ...
 >     raise CorruptedError(s)
 > ZODB.fspack.CorruptedError: /app/zope/dev_csr_server/var/Data.fs.packtest:9200838:data record does not point to transaction header: 17391715 != 9200760
 > This is reproducible. The particular Zope that uses this file was 
 > shut down cleanly before attempting to pack the DB. The code that 
 > fails to pack is: 

Maybe, the "Data.fs" was already corrupted before you
switched to 2.6.2.

Does the problem remain after a "fsrecover"?


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