[Zope-dev] properties.dtml has a problem

kf kf at atransia.co.jp
Fri Dec 26 04:09:23 EST 2003

I've started to use Zope-2.7b3 and found:
In Zope-2_7-branch and MAIN-branch, lib/python/OFS/dtml/properties.dtml
has a problem.

We cannot set non-UTF-8 characters to properties, because the first line,
<dtml-call "REQUEST.set('management_page_charset','UTF-8')">
enforce to use UTF-8, etc..

I think Toby Dickenson's modification to Zope-2_6-branch have not reflected
to Zope-2_7-branch and MAIN-branch.


It would be appreciated if the modification would be merged.
If there is any reason to avoid it, would someone explain why.

Best Regards,
Kazuya Fukamachi

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