[Zope-PAS] Getting ready for a pre-1.1 release

Zachery Bir zbir at urbanape.com
Wed Jul 6 14:28:01 EDT 2005

Hey, all.

I'm getting ready to commit my big block of local changes to the
head. I've added what I think are the appropriate bits (and added
several new tests) to the plugins, but I'll want a little help in
finding all the edges. I'm fully expecting that anyone who wants to
use the prefixing code will find some icky spots (myself included).

For the people who just don't want prefixes at all, I've had reports
that the prefix-less stuff works great.

I'm gonna tag it as 1.1b1 as I'm pretty sure it's feature complete,
but it may need some finessing. I'll cut a release later today and
post it to Zope.org and the zope-announce list.


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