[Zope-PAS] Re: Authenticator for NT

Mark Hammond mhammond at skippinet.com.au
Fri Jul 15 15:04:25 EDT 2005

> | Sidnei, are you guys going to release those plugins (including the
> | NTLM ones) or is that all for-pay?
> Right now it's all for-pay. That might change in the future.

All the bits are there for people to roll their own NTLM plugin.
* Many months ago I released a "sample" challenge plugin that struggled with
the exact issues NTLM faced.  Sadly that sample was never referenced nor
mentioned in reply, so I gave up on it.

* Since that time, the Windows SSPI functions (the guts of Windows NTLM) is
in the pywin32 package.  It should be fully functional in the version
shipping with recent Zopes.  There are samples that demonstrate how to do
NTLM auth in a "test" environment.

So the trick will be to locate and resurrect that sample, then plug in the
NTLM functions.  As mentioned above, I haven't bothered trying to keep it up
to date as to my knowledge no one has ever even looked at it.


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