[Zope-PAS] Inflexible updateCredentials interface?

Servilio Afre Puentes afrepues at mcmaster.ca
Tue Oct 2 14:35:27 EDT 2007

Hello everyone,

Developing a PAS plugin for our homebrewed campus-wide authentication
system I have found the only currently defined interface for updating
credentials is specialized for the authentication username/password
scheme, contrary to the rest of the interfaces that support generic
credentials (or at least provide interfaces for them, like the

Why was it chosen to be that way? Are there any plans to make this
interface more generic? I have already been looked at the subversion
repository and the list, only finding a related discussion of almost
three years ago, but doesn't illustrate how it came to be neither on
future plans.

Would you be accepting of work towards enhancing the updateCredentials



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