[Zope-PAS] Re: Eggification redux

Tres Seaver tseaver at palladion.com
Tue Sep 25 09:53:39 EDT 2007

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Jim Fulton wrote:

>>>> * When package A depends on Y and package B also depends on Y,  
>>>> but with some version restrictions, buidout will first try to get  
>>>> the newest version of Y when installing A. But then when  
>>>> installing B, it is likely that it has to get a different version  
>>>> of Y. The result is a version conflict. This could also easily be  
>>>> fixed with a working set that dictates which versions would be  
>>>> used from the beginning.
>>> IN the long run, this would be better served by a better algorithm  
>>> for constructing setuptools working sets.
>> ... which would require having access to the dependency data before  
>> installation.
> No, not really, at least not in buildout's case.  It's really not  
> that big a deal to download a distribution that you ultimately don't  
> use.  

If we can keep setuptools from prematurely installing downloaded eggs,
sure;  at the moment, it is trivial to get setuptools into a "false
conflict" situaltion, because it processes dependencies incrementally,
rather than solving the "transitive closure" of the graph before
attempting to install anything.

> I agree it might be better if the index made dependency data  
>> available.

Not exposing the dependency information in the index seems like a
missing-feature-is-really-a-bug to me.

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