[Zope-PAS] PluggableAuthService and PrincipalDeleted

Tarek Ziadé ziade.tarek at gmail.com
Wed Apr 16 06:37:07 EDT 2008


The IPrincipalDeleted event is never notified. As a matter of fact,
this would be useful to be able to trigger some cleanup in various
plugins, when user data has to be cleaned up.

(FYI the PrincipalCreated event has a nice high level API _doAddUser
that triggers IPrincipalCreated but no high level API for deletion)

PAS also provides an  IUserAdderPlugin interface for plugins that adds users.

For deletion, I would like to do some changes into PAS:

- add a IUserRemoverPlugin interface that adds a removeUser *or*
  rename IUserAdderPlugin to IUserManagerPlugin, but the latter
  would involve a lot of trouble i think
- make ZODBUserManager implements it
- add a notify(PrincipalDeleted(user_id))   in ZODBUserManager

This would be helpfull to catch the event in various plugins

My final goal is to make sure user properties are cleaned up in
PlonePAS when a user is removed.

Opinions ?

Wichert's feedback on this:

  I'ld also define a new interface for acl_users which supports mutable
  users and groups. The current one (which PAS implements) is read-only by
  design. That is also why _addUser is not defined in an interface
  anywhere and starts with an underscore.


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