[ZWeb] optional registration/info during install

Donald Braman [email protected]
Tue, 26 Jun 2001 15:40:57 -0500

From: "Andy McKay" <[email protected]>
Subject: Re: [ZWeb] Re: optional registration/info during install

These things are a two way street, if you dont provide some value to 
both parties it gets ignored and or makes people unhappy. Logging in to 
Zope.org to download Zope doesnt appeal, it would add a barrier into the 
download and doesnt provide a lot of value to me. Perhaps there are more 
options you can add to that...


I think that if you offer people options, most will provide a fair 
amount of information. Of course, the greater degree of automation, the 
greater response rate you'll get. Maybe something like this (but 
obviously better worded) during installation would suffice: 

[ ] Send information about my installation to Zope.org and inform me 
about product updates and patches.*
[ ] Send information about my installation to Zope.org, but DON'T send 
me information about product updates and patches.*
[ ] DON'T send any information to Zope.org

* Any information sent to Zope.org will only be used to help generate 
anonymous statistics about the number and types of Zope installations 
out there. If you want to see the information that would be sent to 
Zope.org, click here. 

If the person selected the first option, they would enter an email 
address as well.

Cheerios, Don

Donald Braman
[email protected]