[ZWeb] Re: [Zope] ATTENTION: Zope.org migration issues

Paul Everitt [email protected]
Sun, 23 Sep 2001 14:43:37 -0400

First, as Martijn noted, we can work with people on a case-by-case basis 
when they're providing something important that involves more serious 
programming.  However, providing *everybody* programmatic capability 
(DTML scripting, etc.) isn't the default we'd like to shoot for.

Regarding STX, you can also write content in HTML.

Regarding why this is being done, there are definate problems with the 
current site.  It's based on totally orphaned Zope products, external 
methods, etc.  Getting this onto the CMF is an attempt to give the site 
a stronger concept of content management and get it atop a codebase that 
is in active development.

There is a migration facility that does the conversion, which applies to 
Wikis as well.  It's only for a very small subset of the content that 
has DTML scripting in it that we need to work individually with people.


kapil thangavelu wrote:

> On Friday 21 September 2001 01:46 pm, Martijn Pieters wrote:
>>Hello to all Members of Zope.org,
>>As some of you may know, we are hard at work building a new Zope.Org
>>website based entirely on the CMF. Because this is going to be a completely
>>new server, content on the current server has to be migrated and converted
>>for the new site.
>>Most of the content on Zope.org can be migrated quite easily. However,
>>there are a few content types in use on Zope.org that cannot or will not be
>>migrated directly or at all. These types will have to be converted to
>>another content type if they are to be migrated to the new site.
> what if we have valued added content for the zope community that depends on 
> dtml functionality. for example i have a mozilla sidebar that depends on 
> being able to query the site index for recent news items? or if i was going 
> to make a xml file with product info? will these types of things be supported 
> by dc?
> on a side note, i vaguely remember discussion of this a few months ago, but i 
> can't recall if this is being done because of actual problems with the 
> existing setup or soley to show off the cmf? in other words why?
> does this mean in a nutshell that all content is being dumbed down into stx 
> type of documents and default cmf content objects with the exception of 
> products.
>>You only have to worry about content in your own Member Folder, and only if
>>you really want it migrated. Here are the problem types and what to do with
>>the content they represent:
> is there going to be some automated conversion of existing content or unless 
> people act now their documents will disappear?
> what about Wikis?
> concerned,
> kapil
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