[ZWeb] Announce: new www.zope.org is LIVE!

Brian Lloyd brian at zope.com
Mon Aug 4 17:48:12 EDT 2003

At long last, http://www.zope.org has gone live with a new look and a 
new platform based on Zope 2.6.2, CMF 1.3 and Plone! 

Our thanks go to the cast of thousands who have participated in this 
project over time, most recently Guido van Rossum and Sidnei de Silva 
for getting us to the goal line.

Zope.org is a big site with a lot of content. We've tried hard to test 
the most common resources, but we fully expect some issues to arise in 
the transition. We are also certain that the best way to work things 
out quickly is to 'make it live' and tackle the issues as they come up.

If you notice anything weird, broken or missing from the site, please 
send us a problem reporting using the ZopeOrg issue collector:


Issues that we are aware of and working to resolve this week include:

  - Logging in as a member takes a ridiculously long time. We think 
    this might be an LDAP interaction and we working to fix it.

  - We have not done extensive cache tuning yet - if you experience 
    any unreasonably slow load times, please let us know the URL you were 
    trying to get to help us tune caching.

The old sites will remain accessible for some time at the following URLs 
in case anything was missed in the transition:

  - http://old.zope.org

  - http://olddev.zope.org

Note that it will take some time for DNS changes to propagate, so you 
may not see the site changes immediately.

Thanks again to everyone who has been involved in making this happen!

Brian Lloyd        brian at zope.com
V.P. Engineering   540.361.1716              
Zope Corporation   http://www.zope.com 

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