[ZWeb] Re: Credits...

Olivier DECKMYN odeckmyn.list at teaser.fr
Tue Sep 2 12:00:13 EDT 2003

Back from hollidays, awakening this dead thread ;)

>> Hi there,
>>   First, I would like to publicaly thank Sidney da Silva for the HUGE
>>   work he did on porting zope.org from a crappy zope application into
>>   a modern and flash Zope/Plone web platform.

> Hmmm, depends on your definition of crappy. I'm afraid dog slow and lots of 
> STX/HTML encoding problems, and a fair few broken links still counts as fairly 
> crappy for me :-S

You must be right ;)

>>   Don't you think they should have their name in the "About Zope.org"
>>   webpage ?

> Yeah, definitely. The site certainly looks much better, justy wished it _worked_ 
> as well as the old site...

You don't think so ?!

> Is there anything I can do to help, BTW?

Who has got rights to "edit" the about zope.org page ?

> Chris

> PS: Usual caveat: I'm not on this list, please CC me in any replies...

Done ;).

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