[ZWeb] Reply-To mailing lists policy

Chris McDonough chrism at plope.com
Wed Feb 2 15:53:27 EST 2005

I actually do like the "reply to sender, cc to list" as-is now, if only
because when I respond to a list message, and people respond to that,
their responses can show up in my Inbox rather than in my zope list
folder.  It's easier for me to keep track of what's "important" that
way, although I think it's exactly what you're complaining about. 
Remember, though: you do have a killfile. ;-)

- C

On Wed, 2005-02-02 at 15:11, Jens Vagelpohl wrote:
> On Feb 2, 2005, at 18:10, Andrew Sawyers wrote:
> > Um, What's wrong with the ability to reply-all?
> > I like to see who messages are from personally - masking that with 
> > zope-web
> > as the sender always is an annoyance IMNSHO.
> "Reply All" puts the original author in the "To:" line and the list as 
> "CC". So everyone who doesn't want to unnecessary send duplicate email 
> to the author has to cut and paste the list address into the To: field 
> and remove the author address.
> jens
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