[ZWeb] NANZO Project Announcement

Andrew Sawyers andrew at zope.com
Fri Feb 11 10:21:20 EST 2005

Not Another New Zope.org Project

We have official ZC approval to move forward with a small group effort
towards making our vision of zope.org a reality.  At present, the project
team consists of the following people (I couldn't spell all their last names
and I'm lazy):

Chris W
Jens V
Chris M
Tom S
Michael H
Andrew S

I wanted to extend an invite to anyone else who was willing to work on the
project if they wanted to join us and assist.  Strictly speaking, this will
not be a democratic process.  On the project, some will win - some will
lose.  If you can work in said environment, wish to volunteer, and want to
put zope.org back on the map as something to be proud of - join us:  we will
assimilate you.  

The project is happening in private from this point on.  If during the
project we desire input, we'll explicitly ask for it on this list and
probably on the zope list.  Throughout the project, we will be keeping the
involvement of non-participants to a minimum to ensure the success of the
project.  We won't exclude anyone who is willing to help and has the vision
to succeed.  


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