[ZWeb] URGENT. ... about login form.. need to solve it quickly

Michael Haubenwallner michael at d2m.at
Sat May 7 02:47:42 EDT 2005

Allen Huang wrote:

> I made a login_form that allows user to input username and password and sends them to a login dtml method that checks username and password with a zobject that contain this attributes and redirect the users to a status sheet. How do I keep the username in the namespace so I can use it again in the status page.
> I have also tried using acl_users.getUser(REQUEST.username).authenticate(REQUEST.password, RESPOND). Even though I have the right username and password zope will pop up a query box asking me the input the username and password again for three times as if I input the wrong thing. At the end zope tells me that I am not autherized to use autenticate() method and denied me access.
> Can some on help me with these two problem please...

Hi Allen,
this mailinglist is for zope.org (website) related issues.

zope at zope.org is the right place to ask.
( archives and registration at http://mail.zope.org/ )



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