[ZWeb] [AboutThisSite] new wiki.zope.org server

Simon Michael simon at joyful.com
Tue Apr 17 23:56:07 EDT 2007

Zopistas - I'm pleased to announce that wiki.zope.org has moved to a more 
powerful server. You should now or very soon see wiki.zope.org pointing to This is also the machine hosting foundation.zope.org, 
kindly provided by amaze.nl.

We are in shake-down mode - all wikis should be working as before, 
including mail-out and mail-in. There is one open issue - some pages are 
giving UnicodeDecodeError (http://zwiki.org/1330 , help welcome) - please 
report any others.

More details:

ZSyncer worked like a champ here. I used it to transfer all the wikis over 
in one shot last week, did the testing, and when dns changed today, did one 
more sync to transfer the recent changes.

old server: 256M, 4-cpu VPS, zope 2.9.4, zeo, cache-size 3000
new server: 768M, 1-cpu VPS, zope 2.10.3, non-zeo for now, cache-size 30000

I haven't measured much speedup of transactions on the new server - a mild 
slowdown, in fact, for reasons unknown (single vs 4 cpus ?). But zope 
finally has enough ram to breathe, so I expect things to feel quicker, and 
much more consistent. Restarts now take 10s instead of 3 minutes, and will 
hopefully be a rare manual event.

Yay! Thanks to Martijn Faassen, Bas van der Linden, and Andrew Sawyer for 
their help.

I am available for consulting work! Check out the updated http://joyful.com 
to find out more.


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