[ZWeb] Zope and https

Jens Vagelpohl jens at dataflake.org
Tue Jul 8 10:54:14 EDT 2008

Hi Chad,

The mailing list for technical questions is zope at zope.org, the one you  
sent your request to is only for technical or organizational issues  
pertaining to the zope.org websites and services.

> Currently we use pound as a front end to Zope instances (mainly 2.8  
> and
> 2.9).  To achieve a https connection for the http instance (for using
> SSL to login into ZMI and content management) we have duplicated the
> http instance but changed the zope.conf to include a different port
> number and the "<cgi-environment> HTTPS ON </cgi-environment>".  We  
> then
> stand up two different pound configs for handling them.  With our zope
> instances growing I would like to find a way to have one zope instance
> answer and handle both the http and https requests.  I know you can  
> set
> up multiple <http-server> handlers with different ports, but how do  
> you
> get the cgi-environment directive to apply to only one of them?

Zope does not handle HTTPS itself. The standard way to deal with a  
site that needs HTTPS is to put a web server like Apache in front of  
it which deals with the encryption part and then use the standard  
Apache proxying to talk to Zope in the background, non-encrypted.  
You're already using a variant of this proxying technique with Pound  
it seems.


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