[Zope] DTML: calling a method

Scott Lewis csl@balticave.com
Sun, 31 Oct 1999 21:43:26 -0700


i'm trying to write some difficult (for me :) DTML and my eyes are
starting to cross. i'd appreciate any suggestions.

i have a string with a method name and another string with the 
method arguments. currently the arguments string looks like this: 
"arg1='foo', arg2='bar'" but this format can altered if necessary.  

what is the DTML to call the method with the specified arguments?

s1 = "amethod"
s2 = "arg1='foo', arg2='bar'"

without knowing the values of these strings until runtime, how do i 
do the equivalent of:

<dtml-var "amethod(arg1='foo', arg2='bar')">

thanks in advance for any help,


Scott Lewis
Baltic Avenue Productions