[Zope] Announce - Audio Product

marc lindahl marc@bowery.com
Wed, 02 May 2001 15:07:29 -0400

Odd that noone has made a product for audio storage, analogous to Image, so
I took a crack at it.

So far it parses MP3 tag data.  Anyone have info on RealAudio tag data?
Since it's based on File, it'll actually store anything.  But the cool thing
is, it sucks the ID3 tag data out of the file (if there is any) and puts it
into properties, so it can be indexed.  You can also edit the data in the
properties page, and whenever the audio is rendered, the new tag data is

It should be easy to add stuff to look for WAV and AIFF header info and suck
that out, since python comes with libraries to do that, but those aren't
popular web formats so I haven't done it yet.

It's not CatalogAware, just as Image.... I figured you'd wrap it or whatever
to do that, but I'm open to suggestions.

It's the first release, so obviously don't depend on it to launch rockets :)

Get it here: