[Zope] Apache mod_rewrite 10 SECOND DELAY to Zope

Brad Clements [email protected]
Sun, 08 Dec 2002 13:04:27 -0500

> I think the latest Apache update (sent sometime in the past month or two
> from rhn) is not working well with Zope 2.6
> I'm using mod_rewrite to pass through to Zope from apache virtual hosts.
> Now, every single request takes 10 seconds.. exactly 10 seconds.

Here is the answer.

I have an identical system that does not have the problem. same version of
apache, etc.

example .. apache rewrite rules .. http://localhost/ .. 

I found that going to the myhost:8080/manage was fast.

But, on the unix box, going to localhost:8080/manage took .. 10 seconds.


Even though /etc/host.conf has

order hosts,bind

and localhost is in /etc/hosts

For some reason it was doing a dns lookup.

I chased this down to /etc/resolv.conf


  domain murkworks.com

fixed the problem.


For kicks anyway, I changed all "localhost" in httpd.conf to

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