[Zope] Zope killed by TCPA?

Hannu Krosing hannu@tm.ee
06 Jan 2003 03:45:16 +0500

rra42 kirjutas P, 05.01.2003 kell 20:37:
> Hi,
> it was point 18 of the TCPA/Palladium FAQ that concerneed me:
> Quote:
>  >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

> People believed that the GPL made it impossible for a company to come 
> along and steal code that was the result of community effort. This 
> helped make people willing to give up their spare time to write free 
> software for the communal benefit. But TCPA changes that. Once the 
> majority of PCs on the market are TCPA-enabled, the GPL won't work as 
> intended. The benefit for Microsoft is not that this will destroy free 
> software directly. The point is this: once people realise that even 
> GPL'led software can be hijacked for commercial purposes, idealistic 
> young programmers will be much less motivated to write free software.

Fortunately Zope and Python are written by less young and less
idealistic programmers, who are not afraid that their code can be
hijacked - they are under BSD-like licenses ;)

So one can't scare them away by undermining GPL.

And I don't think that the main driving force behind free software is
"idealistic young programmers", rather it is "scratch your own itch".

Naive young programmers are more prone to thinking that they can get
rich quick (or even make their living) by selling licenses for the third
program they ever wrote ;) as this is what media tells people. 

It usually takes time to realize that software development is mostly a
_service_ business.

Hannu Krosing <hannu@tm.ee>