[Zope] Reset admin password...?

Dmitry Dembinsky [email protected]
Sun, 8 Jun 2003 11:59:10 +0200

> RTFM tells me that the installation should have given me a 
> username/password but I don't remember anything like that. 
> More RTFM tells me to use zpasswd.py to reset the password in 
> the access file. Problem is there is no 'access' file 
> anywhere, and creating one in the zope dir doesn't do anything...

You may use zpasswd.py to setup initial user:
In zope directory run:

zpasswd.py inituser

It'll prompt you for new user details.
Answer the questions, then restart zope.

Note: there's no need to create files 'inituser' or 'access' manually.
That's what does zypasswd do.