[Zope] shell command in zope on linux

Andrew Langmead alangmead at boston.com
Tue Feb 15 12:18:21 EST 2005

>i did not try the python patch, but used your unclock.c, and now it
> works, great!!

If possible, try the patch at some point. Apparently there was some fear
in adding this to 2.3.5 (I say apparently because no one brought up
their objections with me directly. I was just ignored entirely.)

The more evidence that this very simple change (essentially removing
the botch made to threads right before 2.2 went beta) has no
side effects, the better chance we have of a supported python
version and a supported zope version that work correctly together.

At the very least, post your test case to the python bug
collector as a bug. Make sure that the Python developers
realize that this is a real problem effecting real people.

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