[Zope] Running more than one instance on windows often block each other

Sune B. Woeller sune at syntetisk.dk
Thu Jul 21 07:16:45 EDT 2005

Hi list,

I run a few zope instances on a windows machine 
(xp). I start them either with runzope.bat or as 
services. The behaviour below is independent of this.

But sometimes a running instance (A) seems to 
block another instance (B) from starting. This 
does not happen every time.

If I stop instance A and start B again, it runs 
fine. The funny thing is that sometimes B starts 
fine even with a running A. (Or vice versa).

Of course I set them to run on different port 
numbers in zope.conf. (HTTP, FTP etc.)

I can see (with the excellent (and free) 'Process 
Explorer' from sysinternals) that the python 
processes always opens port 19999, and connects by 
that port to themselves on another port (for 
instance 2550).

Maybe my problem has something to do with this?

Has anybody experienced the same behaviour?


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