[Zope] Using WebServerAuth

Alex Clark aclark at aclark.net
Mon Oct 29 23:18:10 UTC 2012

On 2012-10-29 17:28:20 +0000, Shane Voss said:

> I am trying to bring up-to-date an existing Zope set up running on an obsolete
> version of Zope.  I am trying to get WebServerAuth to work for me as it seems
> to be the obvious replacement for the home-grown system in place on the
> exiting server.
> So far, I have been unable to make it appear in the Products list.
> I changed my  buildout.cfg  and the Product now appears in the  eggs  folder
> of my Zope installation, but not in the ZMI Control Panel
> I found (and set) in zope.conf:  enable-product-installation on
> So I know that a number of other products are bring installed.
> I tried adding a suitable link in the Instance Products directory.
> That resulted in  "module not found"  errors leading me to install additional
> Products (PluggableAuthService and CMFCore) and to link those in to the
> Products directory too.
> I have now reached impasse with  CMFCore complaining:
>     from zope.globalrequest import getRequest
>        ImportError: No module named globalrequest
> I have found and installed (with buildout) the  zope.globalrequest  egg, but I
> can't work out how to bodge any links to make things work.
> So...
> Can anyone tell me how to install this Product ?
> (All this is being done with  Zope2-2.13.18 )

Don't do anything by hand; use buildout.  And since WebServerAuth was 
originally intended for use with Plone, it does not appear to 
`install_requires` CMFCore and/or PluggableAuthService (which it 
probably should).

This works for me at least enough to start Zope2:


extends = https://raw.github.com/pythonpackages/buildout-zope2/master/2.13.x

eggs +=


Lastly, you'll likely need to replace your acl_users with a PAS e.g.:

- https://github.com/aclark4life/Zope2-Plus-PAS

>     Shane

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