[Zope3-dev] Re: zope3 website report?

Stephan Richter srichter at cosmos.phy.tufts.edu
Tue Oct 11 12:07:51 EDT 2005

On Tuesday 11 October 2005 09:46, Philipp von Weitershausen wrote:
> If you want to point out Zope 2's and Zope 3's differences, we can't
> have information floating around on separate sites. The top #1 questions
> on #zope that have to do with Zope 3 are:
> 1. Is Zope 3 mature enough to be developed for/with?
> 2. When should I use Zope 3?
> 3. What's the deal with Zope 2 and Zope 3 in the future?
> These questions are all about the differences and advantages of the two
> platforms, but they all have to do with the whole Zope brand. Why split
> all this apart?

All those pages have nothing to do with the collaboration among Zope 3 
developers. The primary goal of the zope3.org site will be collaboration, 
nothing more. Well, I *might* put releases there as well, since I am totally 
fed up with the ridiculous workflow on zope.org. (I am surprised Andreas has 
not capitulated until now!)

Stephan Richter
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