[Zope3-dev] schema api

Stephan Richter srichter at cosmos.phy.tufts.edu
Sun Feb 5 09:51:47 EST 2006

On Tuesday 17 January 2006 13:08, Jeff Shell wrote:
> I noticed that modules that begin with an underscore aren't shown in
> apidoc in Zope 3.2. I think (but am unsure) that Zope 3.1 showed
> these. I'm sure there may have been a good reason for doing this, but
> it makes navigating the zope.schema package for documentation even
> more difficult.

I am pretty sure noone changed that part of the code. The idea is that apidoc 
only documents public API, and modules starting with '_' are not considered 

> In particular, there are the convenience functions in the _schema.py
> module that are useful for schema querying. getFieldNames, getFields,
> etc... I can never quite remember what's in there and which ones
> return sequences of tuples and which return mappings or lists or
> iterables.

Note that those functions are exposed in __init__.py

> There's also no easily visible list of all of the fields available
> from zope.schema.*. The interfaces are there, but people interact with
> the classes in this package more than their interfaces. Since all of
> the fields are defined in _bootstrapfields and _fields, they're no
> longer visible. They can be found from the interface down in the
> factories/classes section, maybe that's good enough?

I hear your point. Maybe the package overview page should changed to show the 
objects imported in the __init__.py file? I think this would be a great idea. 
I would love if you would contribute this code or at least write a small 

Stephan Richter
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