[Zope3-dev] Re: Selecting a code name

Mikhail Kashkin m at keysolutions.ru
Mon Feb 6 20:05:13 EST 2006

>  - Have a *brand*. That means one name, a name that doesn't change. It
> could just be "Zope 3" with a capital 3, or it could be a more
> distinctive name, e.g. Zope 3 Zomething (where Zomething is something to
> be decided) to have an even more distinctive brand; a logo that has some
> punch, a colour scheme, a web site with proper advocacy and some
> start-here documentation and some quick tutorials.

>From my point of view Zope3 (*without* space) more suiteable as brand
name, there is several reasons (IMHO):

1. This is new different platform, based on Zope ideas but with
absolutely different code bases
2. When users searchin' in search engines 'Zope 3', Google or other
throw away 3 and search only for Zope
3. Zope3 (or zope3) is more pythonic, you cann't name your module
'''zope 3.webdev''' or something like this.

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