[Zope3-dev] WebDAV

Michael Kerrin michael.kerrin at openapp.biz
Wed Feb 8 16:18:37 EST 2006

Hi All,

  I have being quite busy lately trying to improve WebDAV support for Zope3. 
To this end I have two proposals worth your consideration. I don't yet have 
access to the proposals area of zope.org but I have put them up in my home 
folder on zope.org for the time being. They are:

  WebDAV Interfaces, Widgets and Adapters


    This defines changes that I see has crucial but which introduce nasty 
backwards compatibility problems. So it would be handy to know who has 
developed any custom extension to zope.app.dav be it a custom adapter to 
zope.app.dav.interfaces.IDAVSchema or who have developed a custom WebDAV 
namespace (these are the two likely areas for problems). I am hoping that this 
figure is small :-)

  WebDAV? Namespace Management


    Here I define how, and why, I am planning to manage a WebDAV namespace. 
This includes how to find which properties are defined on a object, and what 
widget to use to display the property, and how to extend an already 
registered WebDAV namespace.

  My goal for all this has being to develop zope.app.dav to a point where it 
can handle all of the WebDAV protocol details according to the RFC2518 
specification, while only requiring a minimal knowledge of WebDAV from 
developers who just wish to integrate WebDAV protocol into there application. 

  Also I have being doing a lot of reading of specifications and by using 
these changes I hope to begin development of other WebDAV protocols once I 
have finished with the core WebDAV support.

  Hope you like it, and any improvements / comments will be most appreciated.

Michael Kerrin

55 Fitzwilliam Sq.,
Dublin 2.

Tel: 087 688 3894

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