[Zope3-dev] Hyping Zope3 contest? (was: Selecting a code name)

Martijn Faassen faassen at infrae.com
Thu Feb 9 05:02:56 EST 2006

Gary Poster wrote:
> You say this in your other message:
> """
> Somehow people don't seem to be discussing other activities much in  the 
> recent threads, such as the writing intro text, of tutorials,  designing 
> and presenting screencasts, gathering links and other  information.
> """
> Seems like just the sort of individual things that a split-up  
> competition would be good for, to me.  Add in something silly, like  
> most fun logo or silliest slogan, just for spice, and it even sounds  
> like you have a nice balance of categories.

I fear that a split up competition will have a lot of people come up 
with slogans, some with logos, and nobody with a decent tutorial.

> Your list also sounds like things that can be done out of the context  
> of a grand website effort, and used as useful raw materials for such  an 
> effort.

Again, I believe that without fixing Zope's web presence all other Zope 
marketing activities are pretty much futile. *Within the context* of the 
zope web presence this can work, of course, but I expect people to do a 
bit more work than just talk.

I may be wrong about this; if so please give me the reasons I'm missing 
why a slogan or logo in isolation would really help Zope's marketing.

> Whatever, I was only volunteering to try and help.  I'm beyond,  beyond 
> swamped.  I'm thrilled that folks are working on the zope.org  site.  
> Thank you. 

I'm not doing much, but I took a few hours a few months ago to write 
some text, and since then I'm spending time trying to get other people 
to do some bits as well. Some people have been doing so. I think if we 
can just keep this up we can get somewhere.

> Perhaps other loose boutique sites, as I had  envisioned, 
> for individual projects such as the Zope 3 effort, can  grow at a later 
> time.

Right now I expect we may end up doing the following:

* create a boutique site for Zope. No community features, but nice 
presentation and intro text, and download information for Zope.

* from this, create a resource for zope 3 in the form of tutorials, 
screencasts. This may be on another site or part of the original site. I 
think we'll get the most energy in producing Zope 3 compared to Zope 2, 
so we'll go with the flow.

* retire zope.org as much as possible and replace it with the new 
frontend. Quite possible we cannot do this straight away at all - We 
need it for all the resources hidden away in it, and I worry about 
breaking links, so this is a problem. We also have a working zope 
extension upload system on there that I worry about replacing. Just 
replacing its outer layer with a boutique website of Zope may however be 
enough already.

I'm happy to see a competition for a boutique site, and whether people 
present a new zope.org or zope3.org is up to them; this may influence 
whether we end up with a separate zope3.org or an integrated zope.org.



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