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Chris McDonough chrism at plope.com
Fri Feb 10 01:14:49 EST 2006

FWIW, I'd be keen on seeing a bobolike Zope 3 derivation that  
included none or very little of zope.app, but that allowed you to  
configure an instance to publish a single arbitrary root object but  
assumed nothing else.  I think the "filesystem traverser" root object  
could be one kind of root object.  CherryPy is a bit like this now.

- C

On Feb 9, 2006, at 1:40 PM, Shane Hathaway wrote:

> An idea just occurred to me.  I think others have probably had  
> similar ideas, but didn't express it in the right place or time.
> Part 1: Let's put an Apache-like web root (similar to /var/www/ 
> localhost/htdocs/) in Zope instance homes.  It might be called  
> "browser" or "www".  Zope will serve pages out of that web root  
> rather than an object database.
> Part 1 rationale: When people create a Zope instance home, they  
> create some config files and an object database.  The root of the  
> site is served out of the object database.  To change the default  
> page, newbies are directed to create a default page in the object  
> database.  The user didn't ask for an object database.  The use of  
> an object database should be a choice, not a requirement.  Now the  
> user has to learn some extra tools (fssync, etc.) in order to put  
> the files under version control.  I think the user experience for  
> both newbies and experts would be much better if the root of the  
> site were served from a filesystem directory.
> Part 2: Let's add some ZCML directives that define how to interpret  
> filenames in the web root by their extension.  Let's also interpret  
> special per-directory files that map URI names to filenames,  
> similar to Apache .htaccess files.
> Part 3: One kind of file we can put in the web root serves as a  
> gateway into an object database.  We might use the extension  
> ".zodb" for this purpose.  The .zodb file would specify what kind  
> of storage to open, where to find it, and what object to load from  
> it.  In a sense, the web root would mount the object database.   
> Some configuration of the web root would mount an object database  
> right at the root, enabling Zope 3 to act just like it does today.
> Any thoughts or gut reactions?
> Shane
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