[Zope3-dev] Zope 3 web root

Rob Jeschofnik rejj at automagic.org
Sat Feb 11 19:08:45 EST 2006

Shane Hathaway wrote:
> Zope is a feast with many kinds of food.  When people come to the 
> feast, most are not willing to try everything at once, particularly 
> the entrees from the land of OODBMS.  First let them have some 
> familiar foods.  When they find out how finely prepared the food is, 
> they'll be ready to try the meaty main course.  Although many will 
> still prefer the RDBMS salads.
Sometimes the ZODB (the OODBMS you speak of) isn't appropriate for the 
environment your app will live in. Many apps aren't stand-alone.. they 
need to integrate and share data with other systems. Most of those 
systems already know how to use an RDBMS, so the path of least 
resistance is to use one of those. I'm sure the ZODB is probably the 
best solution for most applications that are stand-alone, Zope only - 
but as soon as you need to start architecting a complex set of tools 
that all interoperate an RDBMS seems like a better idea.

... or perhaps I'm simply suffering from RDBMS brain-damage, after using 
them for so long.

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